i wrote a lil version of the tree command

A low-key implementation of the UNIX tree command in Rust.

link to the repository: trii

trrii is a small program made to be a small version of the well know UNIX’s tree command, I wrote it last Sunday and I’m pretty happy with the results, it is currently available at crates.io.

obviously, it isn’t a 1:1 mapping of tree features, since I only wrote it to exercise a little about Rust, it can receive a path and print the file structure with the correct children, unfortunately, it struggles a little with the formatting, and at the moment, can’t ignore paths ignored by git.

anyways, I’m pretty happy with the result, if anyone wants to contribute a learn too, here are some improvements that can be done right now:

  • ignore paths listed on .gitignore
  • fix formatting of the last entry
  • check performance against a big repository
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