I wasn’t liking the feeling of the previous state of this blog, I wasn’t liking NextJS too much, I all I need here is some static pages and Markdown support, after a quick search I found Astro, which I think has all I need.

This is the PR where everything happened

Astro has built-in support for Markdown, so I can simply copy my notes from Obsidian and paste them here, no extra configuration is needed. Another thing that impressed me was the automatic integration setup, I just specify what I want to use and Astro does the rest.

Despite the framework and some UI changes, the blog is the same, and my biggest problem is not writing posts on a regular basis, which I hope to fix soon. To accomplish this, I’m going to write some posts in the TIL format, they’re short, and have a lower barrier to write, writting more will help me to improve my writting quality.

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